Sunday, October 16, 2011

October Newsletter: cancelled

It's been more than a little crazy here lately.  We're working on oral feeds with my daughter, so there's been even more time that I'm in the NICU (we're still working on breastfeeding as the primary feeding method). My son got Hand, Foot, and Mouth disease at daycare, and even with lots of handwashing, my daughter got it too, so we've had a sick cranky kid at home and a sick cranky kid at the hospital. And my son had surgery to sew his trach stoma shut (hooray for being able to put him in the bath tub without risking him pouring water straight into his lungs!).

So, all that said, I'm behind on the newsletter for this month, and planning to just skip it, but I want to give you a couple quick updates.

One mother amongst us is working with an artist friend of hers on logo ideas.

Another has put together a list of blogs and zines for us to approach with articles, posts, and press releases about the group. I've got a couple others to add to her list, and then we'll be looking for some help writing to the various publications to ask if they're interested in a guest post or article, and then on writing those pieces.

I am so grateful that they've jumped right in with both feet to keep things moving around here!