Thursday, September 22, 2011

Seeking Sponsors

I'd like to go about sponsorship a little differently here. I don't see a need to build up a stash of cash for care packages at this time (because there aren't a lot of requests), so selling ads or otherwise asking people for money up front doesn't seem to be the right thing to do. Besides, then I'd have to do accounting, and I hate it with a passion.

Instead, I'd like to propose this:

I'd like to exchange site buttons with our supporters. I'll be making a special "I support Pagan Parents of Preemies"  button, and provide a sign-up form so we can keep track of supporters. Sign up, and post our button on your website, facebook, blog, or whatever, and give us a little exposure, and we'll post your button (125x125 max) on this blog in exchange. Supporters will be signed up to receive our newsletter each month, and will receive a special email when we need to put together a care package.

Supporters who help out with a care package when requested will get a special "Care Package Sponsor" button and will be listed on a thank you page here on the site.

Further, I'd like to seek out other ways of getting information on this project out there - writing articles for magazines, for instance, or guest posting on blogs. What about a give-away here on the blog? Something Pagan parenting related maybe, or something for Pagan kids? Anyone have a line on getting some things donated?

I'd also like, once we get a logo finalized, to get a little store going on zazzle or cafe press, with funds from there going towards advertising.

Got some other ideas? Let me know at - I'm definitely open to suggestions!

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  1. Those all sound like excellent suggestions! I'll definitely trade buttons with you, and I'll also start getting a list of e-zines, blog hops, blogs and networks that I think would work for getting the word out for you guys! I also mentioned earlier in our email, that I want to work with the care packages too... and I think the store idea is awesome! I really think we can go somewhere with this! I'm SO on board!